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"The Fish With an Attitude".

My First Snook...

The Early Days



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My First Snook was caught in 1963 with my school mate, Rick Glardon. We were walking along the yacht basin in Cape Coral one afternoon and found a yellow bucktail jig with a 24” monofilament leader attached. I don’t know what made us stick it down in the water off the dock but when we did it started an obsession with me that has lasted over 35 years. We dropped that jig in the water and an 18” Snook grabbed that jig. Rick and I couldn’t believe it. We thought we had done something wrong because we found the jig and it wasn’t ours. We kept it anyway along with the fish. We even made the local paper that week with the unbelievable story.

This was one of the first snook I caught in the convential manner of rod and reel... This fish was caught Feb. 18th , 1964 from the Cape Coral Pier.

The Snook was 28" long and was probably caught on either a yellow hair bucktail jig or a green back ( 52m18) Mirolure....My two baits of choice back then.They still work very well !


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On March 7th of 1064 I caught this pair of 32" Snook....Once again from the Cape Coral Pier, and probably on one of the baits mentioned above.


Moving from Southern Illinois to Cape Coral was one of the greatest things my parents could have done for me......Thanks Mom & Dad



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